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Learning to Walk….at someone else’s house

November 26, 2011

We drove for three hours to get to Frank’s house for Thanksgiving. Our daughter slept for two and a half of them then cried the remaining half an hour. Needless to say, when we got there it was playtime.

A few months ago playtime meant toys and a blanket. Now that she can walk it means the whole house is fair game. Our friends, who don’t have any kids yet, did their best to move all of their small, sharp, and expensive looking stuff. Still Teagin went straight for everything they didn’t think of. First she stuffed her mouth with decorative pebbles. Then she almost yanked their cable out of the wall. She poked the cat in the eye and turned the dogs’ water bowl upside down.

Can you baby proof your friend’s house?

At first we were afraid to move their stuff. You just don’t go rearranging other people’s furniture, which is in the end, what we had to do. By evening almost everything had been moved and we were exhausted from chasing a curious little one.

Learn As You Go…

You will never be able to baby-proof someone else’s house. The only way to keep your walker safe is to follow them around. (New walkers don’t like playpens…) So leave yourself a day to recuperate before you head back to work. You’ll need it.


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One Comment
  1. Trina permalink

    More like a few days to recoup after only a few hours a sleep in two days. This is really good and funny because I am sure so many people can relate. Great job keep it up

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