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“I do it myself!”

December 3, 2011

I hate asking other people for help. Seems like I was born that way. Accordingly, the phrase, “I do it myself Mommy!” was one of my more common expressions.

Now that I’m a parent I watch my daughter try to do it herself. I know that it’s part of the learning process, and although this often leads to more food on her face then in her stomach it’s great to watch her try and try and finally get it right.

The other day she vaulted the baby gate. She was fast and cleared the top with a single leap. I caught her by her pajamas a split second before she smashed her face on the hard kitchen floor.

While doing it myself has taught me many a good lesson, I’m grateful for my parents who were there to catch me before I split my head open on the hard floor of life.

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  1. Leave a tribute to your own folks…leave a comment…how have your parents been there for you?

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