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Parenting – The Musical

January 8, 2012

Friday afternoon I walked outside. I was wearing “cool” jeans and sunglasses and I was definitely ready to rock and roll. I jumped in my sweet ride, revved the engine, and turned on the radio…

The radio was playing “hot potato-hot potato” by the Wiggles, the car floor was covered in cheerios, and my daughter (in her carseat) just took off her shoes for the fifth time.

Let’s face it…your tastes in music change drastically when you become a parent. Or maybe I should say they are changed for you. Either way Judas Priest and Alice Cooper are traded in for The Wiggles and The Fresh Beat Band. I can now sing the theme songs to Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants and I can do the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hotdog Dance” like a pro.

So why is music such a big deal? Music not only teaches and soothes, but actually helps the brain develop. Development is even greater when the music is active (dancing, marching, clapping, etc)

With that in mind there’s nothing else to do but bury your classic eight-tracks in the attic and join in on the singing, dancing, marching, clapping, spinning, laughing fun.

Something To Comment On – What’s Your Favorite Kid’s Song?


For Further Reading on the importance of music in a child’s development check out this great article at


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