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Safety First

January 17, 2012

Having a super active daughter has taught me the importance of baby proofing. The thing is babies never stop learning and growing…that’s why you can never stop baby proofing. That’s why, every week or so we have to remove another piece of furniture from our living room. Next thing to go is probably the couch. Last week Teagin used it to climb up on the kitchen counter. Not safe. Anyway, this article, published in the January 2012 issue of Central Penn Parent magazine, was inspired by my daughter’s dangerous escapades.

My nap was interrupted by a box of graham crackers—one that was supposed to be in a cupboard, but was instead gutted, its contents scattered across the kitchen floor.

“How did she get in here,” my wife asked. I had no idea.

We had barred our 9-month-old daughter, Teagin, from the kitchen with a homemade barricade of our coffee table and ottoman.

At that moment, Teagin was standing on the living room side of the barricade. As we cleaned up the mess, she wedged her way through the legs in the coffee table and joined us in the kitchen.

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