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Are Animals Watching Our Kids?

February 18, 2012

A recent article in parenting magazine listed four (and alluded to a fifth) parenting styles. The first three were animals…a hippo parent, a panda dad, and a tiger mom. It made me think of parenting as a style of martial arts. Think about it…a mother’s lightning reflexes, ninja intuition, or the meditative ability to find peace in the chaos of multiple screaming children.

Here are a few other martial parenting styles to think about…

1) The Sun Tzu Art of War parent – Are you cold and calculating? Do you read child psych books so that you can “know your enemy”? Is getting everyone together like trying to unify an ancient warring nation?

2) The Japanimation parent – Do you remember your kids’ schedules like a well programmed cyborg? Do arguments in your family drag on for multiple episodes? Do you think kids under the age of 3 look like Pokemon?

3) The paratrooper parent – Do you carry everything for every possible situation in your pockets or purse? Do you like to “drop in” on your kids at school or when they’re with their friends? They say that no sane person would jump out of a perfectly good plane…are you still sane?

4) The Mr. Miyagi parent – Are you handy around the house? Are all life’s lessons learned by doing chores? Is raising kids like carefully pruning a tiny tree?

5) The Rex Kwon Do parent – Do you parent with the strength of a grizzly and the reflexes of a puma? Do you impress your kids friends with round house kicks and patriotic pajamas?

Something To Comment On – So…what’s your martial-parenting style?

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