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Good Art…

July 18, 2012

“Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.”

-Roy Adzak

Sorry for the long absence folks. Things have gotten pretty busy at our house. My wife and I are expecting our second little one in a couple months, and I’m a full-time student with two part time jobs. Oh, and I just started grad school applications.

Still, my life isn’t any crazier than anyone else’s. Life with little ones is busy; that’s just how it is. You get worn out. You pass out on the floor until your thirsty toddler hits you in the head with an empty sippy cup. Then you just get up, put on your clown shoes, and start juggling life.

That being said, I was feeling pretty stressed the other day until I pulled out one of my binders and saw this…

It made my day…

  1. I have been a pretty amazing uncle for the last two years out of the four that my nieces decided to bless this world. I’ve conquered many challenges and experienced many cute and horrible things in the last few years. Things ranging from changing diapers, getting woken up with rattles, five hours of continues crying from all angles of the house, and receiving doodles that could make Picasso proud…I think?. Accepting all of this has been a real challenge due to my horrible childhood, but with the help of a beautiful young woman and her two year old Tiernan; my outlook on parenting has changed in less than two months.

    Tiernan’s ability to giggle uncontrollably, hold a simple conversation with you, and act like a young lady has astonished me. I love this little girl and am slowly starting to grow feelings for Miranda. Is it a mistake to get involved with a single, yet very responsible mother and be protective of the two? Are my parental and fatherly instincts finally kicking in? I am either confused about these feelings or am forcibly refusing the fact that I can step up to the plate and be an amazing parent just so I can continue being seen as the punk rock rebel. Any advice is welcomed and would greatly appreciate it…Google, Bing, and Youtube can only give you so much advice before it becomes contradicting.

    S.J Archila

    • Sounds like the instincts are kicking in. You’re going to be a great dad. Sounds like you already are. Use your bad experiences to improve the life of others.

      Meeting my wife and having our little girl are the greatest things that ever happened to me. Having a family adds so much meaning to life, but it sounds like you’re figuring that out.

      As for the punk rock…you’ll need someone to pass on all your Rancid cassettes to in a couple years.

      Also…check out for some sweet baby gear with attitude…there’s a lot of companies out there doing stuff like this, but this one is our favorite.

  2. My biggest concern is this. I am financially unstable due to the simple fact that I’m a full time student, with a part time job, and have a gas guzzling truck that I love too much. It is very reliable, very safe, and will be paid off in less than two years. If I didn’t have my truck I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck, BUT!! I probably wouldn’t own a super reliable vehicle. I feel that I need to continue studying, move to grad school, and slowly work my way up the EMT branch so I can start my career. I love this little girl and would probably give an arm PLUS a leg to keep her safe. If I can barely keep my head above water with my current finances, how would I be able to do this with a possible family of my own in my current status?

    S.J. Archila

    PS: There is nooooo way I am getting rid of my Cassettes and CD’s. If all goes well, my future child will know great music and lyrics haha. I don’t carry the image of a Punk anymore, but I still have the mentality of one. I fight for what I believe is right and I will fight hard.

  3. Kids and Money…that will make a good post. Sorry I didn’t comment back right away. I was giving this some thought. Kids are expensive. You will never be 100% ready. The trick about having kids is it works out somehow. So many of us are squeaking by (I’m a student too as well are a lot of my parent-friends) and many are worse of then we are, but we make it and get our kids the things they need.

    Also, there are a lot of programs out there to help. WIC is a wonderful program that helps get fruits, veggies, milk, protein, etc to moms and kids. Some people are afraid or embarrassed to use these programs, but you gave your four years and you are in school (job training) which will make you a tax payer in the future enabling others to use the same programs.

    If $$$ is your concern then just know it works out somehow. It works out.

  4. Here is a commentary on how to be a punk rock dad:

    I haven’t seen it yet, I just noted it when I saw it and I’d like to see it. Maybe there is something to be learned in there about money, too.


  5. Oh man! that would be a great post! Can’t wait to read it in the near future.
    Thank you for the response…it actually made me smile and worry less. Once again, thank you for the stress free advice!

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