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Snow Day Workouts

Recent winter weather has inspired a lot of visits to the indoor play facilities at Chick-fil-a. It’s great to get my kids out of the house and doing something active. But unfortunately for me, eating great chicken while I sit on a bench watching the big kids trample my two-year old isn’t burning all the needed calories. I’ve got buddies (single guys of course) that hit the gym a couple times a day. They sit around talking about reps and pectorals and whatever else happens at a gym, and I got to say I feel left out.

Where am I going with this?

I took my daughter sledding a few days ago. Her walking-up-the-hill-in-two-feet-of-snow skills aren’t quite there yet, so each time we’d whiz down the hill, I’d pick up the sled in one hand and my daughter in the other and hike us back up the hill. She never got cold, bored, or tired like I hoped. Nope, I just kept trudging up that hill. It was exhausting.

So I got to thinking. Parenting is a workout, right? My kids are like little personal trainers and I pay my membership fees with lost sleep and drool on my one good tie. So with that in mind, here are the five sweet, body-chiseling workouts I did this week…

1) Sledding – I already mentioned this. Good cardio…Builds your calves (calfs?) and hammies…

2) Swimming – We take my daughter to the indoor pool at the Y. She thinks she can swim on her own so she tries to get away. Obviously we can’t just let her go. It’s like trying to keep a grip on a greased-up nurse shark. Good for the forearms…

3) Bath Time Cardio – As soon as my daughter gets out of the tub, she runs naked wind sprints down the hall always followed by a frantic, somewhat bewildered father holding the towel. Frustrating…maybe a little, but the sprinting is great for the lungs…

4) Stretching – Now it’s time to pick up the toys. Bend down and pick up each doll and Mr. PotatoHead accessory. Now look under the coffee table and behind the couch. Feel the burn in your muscles as you stoop to pick up each alphabet puzzle piece. Great for increased flexibility…

5) Bed Time Dead Lifts – Every night, I lift a 30 pound weight, carry her down the hall, and place her in bed. The focus here is on finesse; because if she wakes up, I’m doing at least one more rep. Good for upper body…

Follow this up with a Gatorade and I’m good right?


Top Five Free Things My Daughter Did This Week

Who needs a money tree? Here’s a list of the top five free things my daughter did last week.

Notice the difference in the required effort, time, and creativity between Dad’s and Mom’s picks…my wife is amazing.

Dad’s Picks

1) Play in a cardboard box – reduce, reuse, and recycle

2) Musical instruments – so loud…so fun
3) Play outside – run…it’s free

Mom’s Picks

4) Home made playdough – Click Here For Recipe
5) Bathtub paints – It’s just shaving cream (not gel) and food coloring!

Good Art…

“Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.”

-Roy Adzak

Sorry for the long absence folks. Things have gotten pretty busy at our house. My wife and I are expecting our second little one in a couple months, and I’m a full-time student with two part time jobs. Oh, and I just started grad school applications.

Still, my life isn’t any crazier than anyone else’s. Life with little ones is busy; that’s just how it is. You get worn out. You pass out on the floor until your thirsty toddler hits you in the head with an empty sippy cup. Then you just get up, put on your clown shoes, and start juggling life.

That being said, I was feeling pretty stressed the other day until I pulled out one of my binders and saw this…

It made my day…