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My Hero

Two weeks ago we packed up our house, put our kids in carseats, and made the drive from Pennsylvania to Utah. For those of you bad with distances–it’s far.

I wanted to right a post–something like 5 Tips For Dealing With Kids On A Long Road Trip, or How To Prep Your Kids For The Big Move, but I can’t. My wife prepped our kiddos while I studied for finals. Then she drove four straight days by herself with two toddlers while I drove the moving truck. So, I really have no idea how she survived. I do know this, though…she is my hero

Wanna Fight?

super cute kids on a couch

How can you not say something? How???

I’ve found that lately I’ve been getting super mad at people who don’t stop and compliment my kids. Unless you’ve got four plus kids in your shopping cart, you’d better slow down and pay homage to my daughter’s curly curls and my baby boys chubby cheeks. Or else. It usually goes something like this:

“Hey you…yah you. You got a problem?”


“Yah, you just going to walk by and not say anything?”

“Umm, I’m sorry?”

“Look, maybe you’re daydreaming about how many tens of twitter followers you have, but you better slow down and tell me how cute my kids are.”

“Ummm…you’ve got cute kids.”

“That’s right,” I say. “You may go.”

I get woken up three or more times a night. I have baby food on all my good shirts. I watch The Lorax daily, more than daily. You better stop and say something nice about my kids.

The Big Ball

The best toy I’ve ever purchased was a giant bouncy ball from target…just saying.